Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Visual Lightbox--Two Thumbs-up for Ease of Use

Ever wanted to create a thumbnail gallery of images, but Dreamweaver's rollover behaviors seem a little played-out? Flash's ActionScript is a little too difficult to write? I recently found Visual Lightbox, a tool for effortlessly building beautiful thumbnail galleries with absolutely no coding! Unlike jQuery Lightbox, which requires you to do some HTML coding, VL couldn't be easier! I re-did my web portfolio using VL and it's beautiful! Take a look and tell me what you think.

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tlyrics said...

Hello professor, I took a look at your thumbnails and graphic design photos and they are very good. How can I get art images I have that were done by hand into high quality high resolution photos in the computer similar to the way you have them? Hope all is well.

Elio L. Arteaga, MFA said...

You have two options: If the work is small, scan it on a good scanner such as the UMAX PowerLook III; we have a few in the lab at MDC. If the work is very large or three-dimensional, you need to shoot it with a digital camera. I believe several brands are available that deliver 10-megapixel quality at an affordable price. If you are shooting a large painting, take it outside, prop it against a tree and shoot it in indirect sunlight, or better yet, on a slightly overcast day. If it's a three-dimensional object, try to light it with incandescent (not fluorescent) light, and use a large sheet of paper to stage it. Well, I hope that helps. Good luck with your portfolio, and please send me a link when it's ready!