Monday, March 30, 2009

Two Logos I Admire for their Expressiveness
While watching TV a few nights ago, I saw commercials for and for, a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating childhood hunger in America. I was impressed by the expressiveness of both logos.

TravelAlaska's logo fortuitously contains three capital A's. The artist replaced the apexes of the A's, already shaped like mountains, with snowcapped peaks. To further express the randomness of the heights of various peaks, the artist changed scale and baseline shift of each letter individually. To create stronger unity with the remaining letters, the artist manipulated the capital K as well as the feet of the outer capital A's to express the Rocky Mountains in Alaska. This logo embodies the Great American Outdoors, while at the same time attracting attention and building interest.

Share Our Strength's logo is truly special. Designed by SS+K, a New York-based strategic communications agency, the logo symbolizes people working together to stamp out the dreadful condition of childhood hunger in America. The positive shape represents an apple core, signifying food, the substance that will eliminate hunger, while the negative shapes are the profile of an adult and a child, the people who will work together to solve this social problem. The more one looks at this logo, the more one is drawn to how well it expresses all aspects of the organization's mission.

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Carole Aizenstark said...

Great logos! Thank you for bringing them to our attention.

In Interior Design, logos are very important. When presenting a project, logos emphasize the project's identity -and as the designer, I'm responsible for all things graphic.

Carole Aizenstark