Thursday, November 20, 2008

This Would be Funny, if it Weren't So True...
Thanks go out to my past MDC student Robin for sending me this video, parodying an experience that a graphic designer might have while working with clients.

A professional graphic designer's job is to be a partner and consultant in the ultimate success of the project, which will be of mutual benefit to both the client and the designer. Here, the designer is presented as a lackey, following all the obviously bad suggestions of the graphically-uninformed clients.

Educated graphic designers understand that they are more than just software operators. They are experts in visual communication, understanding how to create clear and attractive messages. To be effective, a graphic designer must guide the client through the creation of the work, explaining why a certain design approach might have been selected, and why certain ideas just won't work. Graphic design should facilitate communication, and is never just decoration.

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