Friday, October 17, 2008

Eight Steps to Drive a Graphic Designer Crazy
Thanks to my past MDC student Robin for sending me the link to this funny blog article. It's in Spanish, so I'll translate and synopsize the posting below.

1. Send your graphic designer files created in Microsoft Publisher. Where the heck's the kerning and tracking controls in Publisher, anyway?
2. Ask your designer to set your ad in Comic Sans. Yuck!
3. Ask your graphic designer to fill up all that negative space. Go for that BrandsMart look!
4. Send your graphic designer your logo via fax, so that he or she always has to rebuild it.
5. Use subjective descriptors when communicating to your graphic designer: "I want a super-cool design." Very specific, yeah right. ;-)
6. Tell your graphic designer to use your favorite colors: pink, green, brown and  silver. Hoo boy!
7. Give your graphic designer the assignment one day before the deadline. We like working under pressure. Not!
8. After the previous seven steps have been performed, be sure to complain to your graphic designer about the ugly design he or she has done! :-P

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