Sunday, January 13, 2008

Graffiti: High Art or Contemporary Urban Folk Practice?
In a Dec. 11th article in AIGA Voice, Steven Grody discusses the merits of grafitti art. He says that while graffiti artists might not use common art terms, they do understand, and obsessively arrange visual weight, in their compositions. In the end, there is really very little difference philosophically between the art inside the gallery and that spray-painted on its exterior walls. Grody writes, "While some would recognize a Matisse, would they also understand the radical aspects of his art?"
Be on the Lookout for E&G Subs Coupons
From the Jan. 10th Creativity Online email newsletter. Minneapolis ad agency Colle+McVoy has designed a guerilla marketing campaign involving stickers attached to phone booths. Curious people who lift the sticker are treated to a free Erbert & Gerbert's Sub sandwich. Very unusual. Do you think it will work?