Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Design Can Change
Design Can Change is a cool website/initiative about being a little "greener" in our careers... designers, artists, printers, suppliers... We all can help just by taking the environmental impact into consideration when we set to create or to produce printed materials, besides just remembering to turn off the lights whenever we're not using a room or reusing printed paper or the other side for sketches... ; )

Check it out here:


aloysio said...

I agree that we as Graphic Designers, with the knowledge and the tools we use, we can make a difference in the world. In a way without malice and without knowing we also contribute in a small percentage to global warming with the use of worthless advertisement in flyer's that are sent by mail to hundred of houses only to be placed in the garbage. We need to step and try to change ways to advertise without so much waste and at the same time get our point across.

Elio L. Arteaga, MFA said...

Awesome! Thanks for your comments, Aloysio!