Monday, November 13, 2006

Guess The Logo Game
Think you can tell Amazon, YouTube, IMDB, Yahoo, Google, Netflix and other well-known Internet logos from some pretty cheap imitations? Try this fun game and see!
"Speaks English and Spinach"
That little typo, slippery and sly, that makes its way past your proofreading, could cost you your next job opportunity. A New York Daily News article, dated today, describes the importance of error-free resumes and cover letters. Although true of any profession, the fields of graphic design, web design, marketing, advertising, journalism and public relations, require employees with exacting skills in spelling, punctuation and grammar. Before posting that next resume, get a friend to help you proofread it.

A third of the hiring execs in a new survey said the most common mistakes they see on job seekers' résumés and cover letters are typos or grammar errors. For many of them, those tiny mistakes are big red flags that disqualify you instantly.