Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Ugly Barcode Gets a Makeover
A new graphic design firm in Tokyo, Japan called Design Barcode is creating innovative designs for barcodes used on product packages. According to a Cannes Lions Live 2006 Titanium Lions Competition web page, Design Barcode has created some 200 different barcode designs, which are showcased in their new book, also called Design Barcode, and one of its designs has already hit the Japanese marketplace. Check out their video while you're there.

Students, barcodes are not design elements. Don't feel compelled to insert one into your portfolio project. However, if you must, please take a hint from Design Barcode's creative barcode treatments.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Hillman Curtis Videos of Famous Graphic Designers
Check Out Hillman Curtis's short documentaries on Milton Glaser, Paula Scher, Stefan Sagmaister, David Carson, James Victore and Pentagram.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Kissimmee Utility Authority Honored for Multimedia Annual Report
In a September 1st press release, PRWeb announced Graphic Design: USA Magazine awarded Kissimmee Utility Authority a 2006 American Graphic Design Award of Excellence for its multimedia annual report. The presentation features a '50s-vernacular film reel spotlighting the Florida utility's 104 years of service.
The Birth of Superman
Here's the original June 1938 Action Comics No. 1 introducing Superman to the world for the very first time! A collector scanned and uploaded all the pages of this rare and valuable item for our edification and enjoyment! It's not exactly in mint condition, though, but very enjoyable nonetheless.

Superman didn't exactly fly in this strip, he could only run fast and jump far. The verbal interchange with Lois is enjoyable and reminiscent of Chris Reeves' performance in Superman The Movie--a real treat!

Surprisingly, comics were 64 pages long in those days--and only two of those pages were ads! The ad on the back cover is familiar to me as it was still being published in the '70s when I was a kid.