Thursday, May 25, 2006

Silent Hill and Marc Ecko
Two stories relating to that urban environmental art form known as graffiti are in the news.

First, the horror film Silent Hill's promo poster suggests an old, cracking Dutch-style oil painting of a girl without a mouth and eye pupils. Graffiti artists around the country have added the missing features on many of the posters on display. Download a pdf of more examples from the May 11th issue of Creativity's Print and Design email newsletter. Sign up for's free Print and Design newsletter by clicking this link:

Fashion entrepreneur Marc Ecko, is fighting a New York city law that prohibits graffiti. In a May 25th Reuters article, Ecko was reported as planning on asking permission to sponsor lecture exhibitions of graffiti around the country to gain critical acceptance of this fringe artform that is typically regarded as vandalism. His website,, offers a video showing Ecko "tagging" Air Force One. Later, he explained it was a hoax; he had rented a 747 and painted it to resemble the Presidential airplane. His cinema verite shooting technique captures the rush of excitement he feels when performing his "art." Ecko's website, promoting freedom of expression, states that he does not condone vandalism, and that graffiti artists should respect people's private property.

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