Friday, March 24, 2006

Publix's Private Label Designs featured in Trade Magazine
The January/February 2006 issue of Package Design Magazine featured a story on Publix's designs for its private-label products.

Creative Services, Publix's in-house graphics department located at the chain's Lakeland, Florida headquarters, consists of about 50 creative associates, including supervisors and production artists. The team recently completed its re-design for all of Publix's private-label products. The diversity of products, as well as their container shape and materials, made for a challenging job. Creative Services Director Tim Cox said their goal was to create a design that looks dramatically different than the majority of the other packages on the shelf.

The variety of shapes, materials and sizes of Publix Traditional brand products are unified by a plain, white background, featuring a graphic of the product. A colored bar runs along the top of the package with a black circle, containing the Publix logotype in white, centered on the bottom edge of the bar. The main display type is set in the same color as the bar. Their solution is elegant and clearly communicates the product contained within.

"We can successfully adapt our design to any package because we develop design systems with built-in flexibility," says Cox. "We try to anticipate every type of package we'll encounter and consider that as critical criteria when designing our systems." The consistency of the Publix private-label package design cements in the shopper's mind expected levels of quality, and builds a strong brand identity across its entire product line.

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