Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Six Months is a Good Life Span for a Logo, Right?
Quark has re-designed its logo (again!).

September 2005, March 2006.

Read the previous posting, "Quark's New Look..." September 12, 2005.


Mike & Erica said...

Quark has lost it
I believe quark is falling beind the times and sson will be a program dinosaur if they don't try to quickly catch up to Indesign. I quick example how the interface of quark and and Indesign differ. When I use quark I feel I am still working on OS 9 compared to when I open Indesign and feel like I am working with OS X. With this link --> you can see how Adobe has change the photoshop look each new version, something I believe Quark has not. In the end Quark needs to get with the times or be left behind like the candlestick maker.

Elio L. Arteaga, MFA said...

Hi Mike! You're talking to a "Quarkie," notwithstanding all the criticisms I have about Quark (the company). I'm just too attached to Quark (the software). eL!o