Friday, February 03, 2006

The Swiss Have a New Banknote Design

European currency designs are works of modern art that deserve to hang in museums, but instead sit folded in your wallet. In a November 23rd, 2005 press release (PDF, 70K), the Swiss National Bank announced the winners of a competition for the artistic design of their new banknote series. Twelve artists were invited to present their designs for all six denominations on the theme "Switzerland open to the world."

The participants were:

Manuel Krebs, 1st Prize Winner
Manuela Pfrunder, 2nd Prize Winner
Martin Woodtli, 2nd Prize Winner (ex aequo)
Davide Ackermann
Andre Baldinger
Markus Galizinski
Hans Gruninger
Aude Lehmann
Andreas Netthoevel
Sabina Oberholzer
Michael Renner

Switzerland is not a member nation of the European Union, and does not circulate Euros, but rather Swiss Francs.

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