Thursday, December 01, 2005

Judges Select Logos for LogoLounge III Book

LogoLounge III, to be published by Rockport, will be available Fall 2007.

Sire Advertising announced in a November 18th press release that two of its logos are being included in the book. Its logo for the Housing and Redevelopment Insurance Exchange incorporates a house with a large letter "H"--an appropriate use of a dimensional symbol. The organization's lengthy name is de-emphasized. The massaging hands logo for Sozo Healing Arts expresses the intimate nature of mother and child and is appropriate for a company specializing in pregnancy massage, Swedish massage and deep tissue massage.

elf design announced in a November 21st press release that its designs for Have Wax, Will Travel, traveling esthetician; Poppyseed Cake, invitation and card company; and a heart and ampersand logo for a wedding were all chosen for inclusion.

Tactical Magic announced in a November 30th press release appearing in Memphis Business Journal, that its logos for Fulmer Helmets, The Eyewear Gallery and Nuance AV--all powerful, yet simple marks--will be included in LogoLounge III. The Fulmer Helmets logo expresses speed and freedom in a simple image, combined with a tasteful amount of shading and dimensionality. It's amazing how well the lower case "g" can be perceived as a pair of glasses in the Eyewear Gallery logo. The Nuance AV logo combines the shapes of the A and V in a sine wave, perfectly representative of electronic devices.

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