Wednesday, November 16, 2005

onOne Software Releases Free Genuine Fractals Reader for Photoshop CS

[Blog Author's Note: I visited this site and have not been able to find the free software download. If anyone knows where it is, please leave a comment.]

In a press release dated November 15th, onOne Software, a Portland, Oregon-based company, made available today a free Genuine Fractals reader plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CS. The plug-in enables users to open and print any image compressed with Genuine Fractals 4.1 (full version for $159.99) and saved in the .STN (pronounced "sting") format. The format enables lossless compression of graphic information without sacrificing quality. Genuine Fractals uses a patented fractal-based scaling algorithm to enable users to upsample Photoshop images so that they can be enlarged up to 800 percent without image degradation.

Vince Versace, fine arts photographer said, "I've been a digital photographer for so long my first digital camera was wood burning. In all that time I have always saved and scaled my files with Genuine Fractals."

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Anonymous said...

you will find the download for the free reader towards the bottom of the download page under the general downloads section. also you should check out the pxl smartScale download on the same page, it allows you to scale images up 1600% as opposed to genuine fractals 800%. i would tell you more but i'm not suppose to.
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