Monday, November 07, 2005

Interview with Erik Spiekermann

In an October 31st interview that appeared in PingMag, Erik Spiekermann discussed issues of relevance to graphic designers. He mentioned that the industry is becoming more production-oriented with less collaboration, tighter deadlines, and more reliance on technology.

[Technology] brings everything in house and the deadlines have totally shrunk. What basically happened is that the productivity has gone way up, deadlines gone way down and we're all much, much busier with technology. No more sharing of labour.

Spiekermann states that he always begins his designs by sketching.

I spend about 2 hours sketching to develop the basic essence of it and then it becomes technical. All good type designers I know sit down with a pencil first, no matter how fast they are on the screen.

He believes that "cheap design" software or "cheap designers" that are available tend to bring more prestige to professionals in the industry with formal education and training.

There is a market for fast food--I don't eat it but, there is nothing wrong with it. There are lots of people who are probably well served with it. In fact, the more of that cheap stuff is out there, the higher we get pushed.

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