Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Building a Successful Graphic Design Business

An October 18th article by Katrina Rauch for reported on how to build a successful graphic design business. Rauch places strong emphasis on internships, echoing the sentiments of graduating graphic design students reported in a previous post to this blog. Rauch says freelance graphic designers should build a graphic design library; what sets one graphic designer apart from another is the knowledge gained from reading and from internship experience.

She also states that a freelance graphic designer's main job is to look for jobs:

You can never stop selling, no matter how busy you are, you have to keep marketing in the forefront of your mind. Every person you meet is a possible client.

She also recommends emphasis on customer service--be available when clients call or return their calls as soon as possible.

A successful graphic design business can be run from the home with minimal investment in hardware and software. Proofs, invoices, contracts and estimates can be sent to clients via email, and local coffee shops make great meeting venues.

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