Tuesday, November 01, 2005

New ASPCA Campaign Denounces Animal Cruelty While Avoiding Graphic Images

The ASPCA has launched an animal-cruelty prevention campaign incorporating a new logo, print, outdoor and online elements as stated in the October 27th issue of AdCritic.com's Print and Design email newsletter. Saatchi & Saatchi Copywriter Jake Benjamin and Art Director Mark Voehringer were faced with a challenge: how to portray animal cruelty without showing suffering animals? A literal representation of animal cruelty, although accurate, would not be strong enough to make the point, but avoiding graphic details means a weaker message. Their solution was to let the viewers' imaginations fill in the blanks. The result is a strong, shocking message, without relying on the kinds of images that nauseate readers.

ASPCA's new logo consists of cold, gray lettering, contrasted by a warm, orange "P" to emphasize "Prevention." The Helvetica typeface projects straightforward truth and honesty, while acknowledging the organization's 140-year heritage.

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