Monday, November 21, 2005

Modern Artist Jonathon Keats Creates Extraterrestrial-Inspired Abstract Art for Cell Phones

"I don't know anyone who claims to have seen little green men--little gray men, yes--but no little green men."
--radio talk show host Kevin Smith (website)

A November 15th press release appearing in announced that Modern Artist Jonathon Keats (website) will produce artwork inspired by signals received by Puerto Rico's Arecibo Observatory. The signals come from a tiny patch of the sky between Aries and Pisces, and are labeled SHGb02+14a (Google search). Keats will produce his artwork to be sold for downloads to cell phones at a cost of $1.99 per download on The gallery has not yet launched but asks for your cell phone number to notify you when it does, so watch out. Keats says:

If I were an extraterrestrial trying to communicate with beings elsewhere in the universe, I certainly wouldn't transmit [Boyle's Law or the Pythagorean theorem], I'd try to express something about myself, as profound as possible, in the most universal language I could imagine: I'd send art.

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