Thursday, October 13, 2005

Two Logo Designs I Admire for their Simplicity

Last night, while watching TV, I saw a commercial for, a Christian website. Its logo struck me with its perfect visual blend of the Cross with the "walk" symbol at a crosswalk sign. The green color surrounding the accurate reproduction of the walking man connotes positive motivational energy--"go" rather than "stop." Whether or not you're a Christian, you can't help but appreciate the clarity and simplicity of the logo's symbolism.

The other logo, which has been around for some time, is for the PBS antiques series Find! I am impressed that the simple arrangement of an exclamation point in relation to the counterform of the lower case "d" can so clearly denote a magnifying glass, which implies a search, and ultimately a find.

In an age where most logos seem to rely on illustration and shading, it is refreshing to find two that make such a strong statement in as simple a manner as they do. A dictionary definition of elegance is simplicity--an elegant solution is a simple one.

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