Tuesday, September 20, 2005

elf Design Studio wins American Graphic Design Awards

In a September 18th press release, elf Design Studio announced that it had submitted two winning entries in this year's "American Graphic Design Awards," sponsored by Graphic Design USA Magazine. Only 10 percent of the entries submitted this year were honored, and two of elf's designs were recognized for their excellence: Maryanne Comaroto's logo and Menlo Furniture Design's website.

Maryanne Comaroto is an author and a motivational speaker. Her logo combines a gothic aesthetic with imagery that references symbols of wisdom and spiritual growth. However, because almost all of the frilly decorations are concentrated on the top, the design is a bit top-heavy. Additional frills elesewhere would have unified the logo better, as would application of upper and lower case in the text.

The Menlo Furniture Design website uses a clean, modernist design effectively representing the style of furniture Menlo sells. For improvement, more negative space and less text would give the site a greater sense of prestige and elegance.

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